prasno-lakiranjePowder coating method

Our own powder paint line enables that products can be painted in the desired RAL colour.

The process of electrostatic powder coating consists of three phases:

  • Pre-treatment – degreasing: The pre-treatment includes phosphating, work pieces degreasing in a tunnel and drying.
  • Electrostatic painting: The colour powder is applied in an aspiration chamber using a spray gun according to the principle of electrostatics. Powder paint in the spray gun is charged with a negative charge and because of the air pressure a cloud forms at the outlet of the spray  gun. A grounded work piece itself attracts the colour powder of 80-100 microns.
  • Colour polymerization: Once the application of colour is completed, a colour polymerization process begins, i.e. it is polymerized in the furnace, at a temperature of 180-220 ◦C for a period of 15 min.

Advantages of powder coating over other methods:

  • Do not contain volatile organic solvents – protection of the environment.
  • Remains of paint powder (90%) can be reused by using filters to collect the paint.
  • Resistance to mechanical and chemical influences.
  • Easy maintenance of the product and its purification.