Anyone who runs compressed air systems, needs to control and treat the inevitably occurring condensate. This is what economic and technical reasons, as well as ever increasing legal regulations, demand.

Installing an oil/water separation system for dispersed condensates usually represents a cost-saving and permanently reliable solution to the problem. The purified water that comes out of these systems, meets the legal requirements regarding discharge into the sewer system.

The condensate discharged from compressed air systems is 99% water and 1% oil, which need to be separated in order to be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. This is where Owamat comes in. When the condensate flows into the Owamat, it swirls under pressure in the first chamber and then stabilizes (no turbulence). Aerosols are retained in the round filter at the top of the Owamat. The condensate then flows into the separation tank with a two-stage filter. Oil and coarse dirt particles are retained in the pre-filter while the remaining hydrocarbons are filtered out by the activated carbon filter. The final result is clean, eco-friendly water, suitable for discharge directly into the sewer system.