RSF Compressor

Elaborate studies have confirmed that many compressor systems are wasteful and inefficient. The inefficiency generally occurs in times of high demands, which emerge in irregular [...]

RSB Compressor

The VIIG RS-B compressor range was developed for users who have limited space available or lower requirements but still want to seize all the benefits [...]



Our customers always get exactly the right filter for their application and filtration conditions. The CLEARPOINT filters are available in various sizes and are suitable [...]

Refrigerated Dryers

The innovative mechanical design and an effective operation control of refrigerated air dryers are what sets them apart from the rivals in terms of performance, reliability and [...]

Pressure vessels

The right size of the pressure vessel is determined based on the size of the air compressor. Our standard range includes blue-lacquered vertical RAL 5015 [...]

Bekomat Condensate Drain

BEKOMAT CONDENSATE DRAIN Bekomat condensate drains are used for removing condensate from compressed air systems. The condensate flows into the Bekomat and accumulates in its [...]

Öwamat separators

ÖWAMAT OIL/WATER SEPARATORS Anyone who runs compressed air systems, needs to control and treat the inevitably occurring condensate. This is what economic and technical reasons, [...]

Adsorption Dryers

Impurities in the air around the compressor are sucked into the system and become concentrated while the compressor is running. These impurities may take the [...]