skripci_al-100-150-170Al 100, Al 150, Al 170

Al model pulleys are distinctive for their lightweight yet of an extremely sturdy design. Suitable to use with wire and nylon ropes. The system allows easy and quick positioning of the rope. The side plates are made from a special aluminium alloy with excellent corrosion resistance. Polyamide pulley wheels are fitted with sealed roller bearings.


TYPE Max. permissible
force (kN)
Wheel diameter Wheel width Max. rope diameter Weight
AI – 100 100 158 mm 35 mm 14 mm 2.40 kg
AI – 150 150 198 mm 42 mm 16 mm 3.90 kg
*AI – 170 170 198 mm 42 mm 22 mm 5,10kg

*Pulley AL-170 has a aluminium wheel.