Vik 615KBF winch is a universal, multi-purpose forestry winching device which can be powered by any chainsaw motor via a dedicated adapter. Thanks to its sturdy but lightweight design (around 35 kg without motor), which takes so little space it can be carried in the boot of any car, this winch is an ideal solution for pulling and dragging heavier loads with a direct tractive force of up to 10 kN (ca. 1000 kp) at the speed of 30 m/min – even on the roughest terrains.


  • in forestry (tree felling and hauling, trimming, and loading for transport)
  • in construction and civil engineering, power generation and distribution industries, transport industry (clearing and preparation of the ground for overhead power lines and gas pipelines, erecting of utility poles, installation and tensioning of cables, setting up ropeways, manipulation in marshalling yards, etc.)
  • for public protection in rescue services and fire brigades as a useful tool in the event of natural disasters and traffic accidents where other – normally heavier and bulkier –  equipment wouldn’t allow quick or direct access to the site of rescue.


  • versatility – suitable for all applications where the relevant tractive force is required
  • sturdy yet lightweight and compact, high performance
  • easy and quick refitting of the chainsaw motor from the chainsaw onto the winch using dedicated adapters
  • easy and safe to handle and operate
  • tried-and-tested operating reliability with very low maintenance costs
  • high-quality workmanship and a long life at an affordable price

All these features put KBF WINCHES ahead of its rivals, heavier and less operator-friendly stationary winches. KBF WINCHES are practically indispensable on rough, inaccessible terrains where all other portable and tractor winches fail to deliver, resulting in the need for manual manipulation of loads.





recommended motor power 3~4.8 kW (4.1~6.5 HP)
torque transmission belt, planetary gear
brake in operating mode automatic lock
tractive force on drum
up to ~ 10kN (ca. 1000 kp)
pulling speed up to ~ 30 m/min (0.5 m/s)
pulling cable – standard 6 mm, L=80 m
pulling cable – optional 5 mm, L=120 m
weight with motor and cable up to ~ 41 kg
dimensions (LxWxH) 580x400x350 mm
built-in motor or adapters customer choice
optional accessories
deck for dragging logs